Monday, January 04, 2010

Confession #3- Babies...

I don't like babies. It's true, and horrifying to some of you. Others have known this about me for quite some time. When Ezra was born I assumed it would all be euphoric and wonderful, and it was at times, but I also had this nagging sense that I wasn't loving it the same way some of my friends were. Having been on bedrest, I was battling a ridiculous amount of fatigue and within 6 weeks I was back to teaching 5th graders, so I assumed my lack of... um... "euphoria"... had it's reasons. Cody however, was very vocal about the fact that he was CERTAIN he was NOT a "baby person." How can men be so sure of things like that?

After prayer and research, we decided to pursue an INFANT adoption next (I know, right?). When we brought Ki home he was 4 days old, and it was wonderful for a time. However, about 2 months into it all, I knew I loved both my boys with my whole heart- and then some, but I also knew (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that I was NOT a "baby person" either. Cody and I promised each other, "no more babies."

So imagine my surprise 4 years later, when (after pursuing adoption through the foster care system this time around) we found ourselves with 3 more children... a 4 year old, a 3 year old, and a BABY! Seriously God?!? Although, as I've said a million times now, if you HAD to have a baby, Brooklynn's the baby you'd want. She's practically perfect at all times and couldn't be easier if she tried. Tonight however, she's crying and cutting another tooth. So as I look forward to a very long night I can't help but think... "I am SO NOT A BABY PERSON!"

God's teaching me something, I know He is, but I'll need a little more sleep if I'm gonna have the energy or clarity to figure it out. ;)

(additional little confession... I am writing tomorrow's post tonight, but setting it to pop up for everyone else tomorrow)


Rachael. said...

Oh i love babies. However i do not like the baby phase... does that make any sense. In my head it

How do you get your post to time to pop up later ? You blog people are so smart.

Steve and Paula said...

I'm not really a kid person, which makes it rather ironic I'll have 3 under 3.5. I very much prefer when they start becoming independent to the baby stage. Baby cuddles are nice but I hate the sleeplessness and needing to hold the baby constantly. I'm looking forward to being done and just holding other people's babies and handing them back, lol.

Amanda said...

Rachael- I totally get what you mean about loving babies, just not the stage. :) And you can set when things will pop up by looking in the "blog settings" on the page you write the new post on. Paula, I love baby cuddles too, and the fact that they aren't all that mobile (at first) and therefore do not create too much of a mess. Overall, I'm with you, I like their independence. When you start to interact and notice a little personality budding... that's the best. :)