Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today we celebrate 9 months since the launch of Praxis Church!!! Seems insane, but last Easter morning we woke up and (along with the excitement Easter always brings) had no idea how to feel. It had only been a few weeks since we had officially left our previous ministry job, and we had fully intended to be having some sort of small group type thingy in our home. One thing led to another and we thought, "why not rent one of the local town halls for Easter and just see what happens?" 41 people came to that first gathering and 2 people made committments to God! :) So we started meeting every other week and the rest is history, er... um... is the beginning of our history.
So my confession is... in the depths of my soul I have known for a LONG time, that God designed my husband for this. For a church that's stripped of everything superficial, that's not polished, but is totally inviting. That is about loving, being real, and creating together. Where you can come as you are and humor/fun is woven into the fabric of everything. He never believed it about himself, I'm not convinced he does even now, but he has found his sweet spot, and I couldn't be happier for him. And in case he's reading this, I'd just like to say, "I told you so!" ;)

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