Saturday, December 11, 2010


It's about to snow... and not just a little snow... it's going to *S*N*O*W*!* So far this winter I have not yet had snow that was deep enough to cover my lawn completely. Seriously, and I live in northern Michigan. Something about that is just not right.

I love fall, I've mentioned it here before, but there's always something magical about a big snow. As much as fall calms my heart, a big snowfall energizes my inner child. We're supposed to get anywhere from 10-18 inches in the next 24 hours and I'm already just a smidge too giddy about it. ;) BRING IT ON SNOW! (and while you're at it, surprise us and dump an extra foot or two)

How about you? Snow: love it or hate it?


heather steinbeck said...

I completely love it! Right now the rain is melting the snow we do have, but we are supposed to get "blizzard-like" conditions in the next 24 hours as well. The only thing I don't love, is when it comes on a Saturday night right before we make a great big exciting announcement tomorrow morning at church! But either way, bring on the snow! :)

Elissa said...

Another reason I love you! We love different things. I hate snow, except to wake up to it on Christmas morning and then watch it melt the same day. I am praying the blizzard-like conditions in the North have their way before next Wednesday so we don't have to travel in it. Our southern-spoiled-skin isn't ready for blizzards. I hope y'all got to make a huge snowman.

Amanda said...

Thanks gals! We didn't get nearly as much as predicted, but it still looks beautiful outside! No school today, and while I'd love to be out there sledding or making snow creations, with the windchill its -20 so we're stayin' warm and toasty inside! ;) Safe travels Elissa, and so excited for you Heather!