Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ki's getting married?

(Ki and Jessie 2 years ago)

So, we dropped Evin (our foster son) off to his first grade classroom, Ezra off to his 2nd grade classroom, and then Malaki and I went on to his preschool class for a little open house, meet and greet, dealio. I had agreed in advance to pick up my friend Bobbi's little girl while there and take her home with us for the day. When I got the two little munchkins in the car, the conversation went as follows:

Jessie: Ki, are we still getting married?

Ki: Of course.

Me: Um, why do you two want to get married?

Jessie: So we can be brother and sister forever!

Me: Uh... getting married doesn't make you brother and sister, it makes you husband and wife.

Ki: Like you and daddy?

Me: Yup.


Ki: Yeah, well, what if you see another boy and he's very beautiful and you want to marry him instead?

Jessie: Lucky for you I don't care about those sorts of things. I'm yours forever.


Then she asked me for some gum. :) I was laughing so hard. Absolutely HILARIOUS! I'm not a big fan of the whole, "who's in love with who" in elementary school thing, but this was just too funny to not share. ;)

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Danielle said...

Way too cute! You have the funniest kids!