Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It seems utterly impossible, but my little boy is FIVE YEARS OLD! Seriously, how did that happen?!? When asked about his turning 5 the other day he responded, "yeah, and that's a mystery because my mom is much too young to have a 5 year old!" How can I not adore him?!? :)

My little man is a passionate, expressive, tender, ingenuitive, snuggly, brilliant, creative, goofy little guy who amazes us at every corner. I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom... I promise! Each day brings with it new amazement that God has chosen to bless us with his presence in our lives. When I think back to the 4 1/2 months on bedrest and all the fear of miscarriage, I shutter to think how different our lives would be if things had gone the other way. I thank God for shielding us from that pain, and I praise Him for the wonder that is Ezra!

I'll add b-day pics to this as soon as I have some...

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