Saturday, November 04, 2006


Ki is now one year old!
It seems like only yesterday we recieved the phone call saying that Michelle was in labor. That morning was such an intense blur of emotion, so much hope in what our family was about to become, so much fear for what it might not. In the end, so much trust in our God to see us through whatever was on it's way. Ki was so beautiful, our time with him in the hospital- so treasured, the entrustment ceremony- so intense. The whole thing was exhausting and exhilarating all at once. I cannot begin to explain the degree to which I wish such an experience for everyone I love. Adoption is a precious journey and has helped me understand the degree to which our heavenly Father loves us... the Bible speaks of how God adopts each of us, making us joint heirs with Christ. Having a biological child, and now an adopted child, I more fully understand the level of equality with Christ that we have been afforded in God's eyes. It is so completely humbling and terrifyingly undeserved. So many people speak of adoption and say things like, "how lucky your little one is to have parents like you..." No one says those things when you give birth to a baby. It's so frustrating. Just like it was with Ezra, we are the lucky ones to have been blessed with Ki. He has enriched us in ways we didn't even know we were lacking. Today I celebrate Ki.

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