Tuesday, November 28, 2006

LOVIN' Christmas!

Very few people understand my completely unhealthy obsession with Christmas better than Ezra. (Ha Ha, "better than Ezra"... someone should name a band that!) Ezra is enchanted by everything this season has to offer. The story of Christ's birth, the snow, the lights, the tree, the music, the food, wrapping and giving presents, etc. I could not be more pleased to have my little "partner in crime." Poor Cody looks like a true grinch by comparison. :) Ki is a little young to read just yet, although he is thoroughly mesmerized by the Christmas tree at grandma Gascho's house and dances anytime we play the Christmas CD's (granted he dances to music of any kind). Ezra even seems to grasp my overwhelming need to squish the life out of anyone who crosses my path. My poor children are being hugged incessantly simply because I am overflowing with joy this time of year. Ezra has begun preemptively hugging me whenever I am within arms reach. How fun! We will hopefully be decorating the house this weekend and with that it will feel as though the holidays have truly begun. I pulled out all of the Christmas stories for the kids and after 5 or 6 hours of reading them over and over it seems the boys know them by heart. In fact, this morning I caught Ezra "reading" one of them to Ki. Too precious!

Hope you are experiencing the giddiness the holidays afford and are not allowing the pressures of the season to put a damper on your celebration. Afterall, this is a celebration of the only person capable of loving us with perfection, and saving us from ourselves. No stress, only pure child-like JOY!

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