Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Name that Tune/Memory Lane

So, Cody introduced me to "Songza" last week and I am HOOKED! At the moment I do not have an ipod. To be honest and far more lame, I have NEVER owned an ipod, or even an mp3 player of any sort. Strange cuz I'm a music nut. Anyway...
My latest addiction is finding songs lost to me long ago, most of which remind me of a specific place or person. It's SO FUN! I'm most struck by random lines in the song that I had forgotten I knew... and somehow still remember! So, if you're out there, see if you can guess the song based on the line provided...

1. "I'm a man of many wishes, hope my premonition misses..." (hint: "some of you may know this song, it's an oldie... but a goodie...")

2. "I gotta break cuz my mother said, 'Be home by de-zart.'"

3. "It was a nice little pub in the middle of nowhere. Anywhere wouldda been better, I ordered enchiladas and I ate 'em. Ali had the fruit punch..."

4. "I'm so far away each step that I take's on my way home..."

5. "We try to wash our hands of all of this, we never talk of a lack in relationships..."

6. "...have you seen my wig around? I feel naked without it..."

7. "Don't ya draw the queen of diamonds boy, she'll beat you if she's able. But the queen of hearts is always your best bet..."

8. "I find it hard, it's hard to find, oh well- whatever- nevermind..." (doesn't everyone know this one?)

9. "You're reading all your high fashion magazines, the clothes you're wearin' girl are causin' public scenes..."

10. "she dreams in color, she dreams in red..." (okay, not the most random line in the song, but what can you do?)

11. "sometimes I wanna give up, I wanna give in, I wanna quit the fight..."

12. "You use words as weapons, I use love as a shield. So tell me, why're we on this battlefield?"

13. "Sometimes I just forget, say things I might regret..."

14. "Build up your confidence, so you can be on top for once. Wake up, who cares about little boys who talk too much?

15. "Is it my turn to hold you by your hands? Tell you I love you and you'd hear me..."

So many songs, so little time! HA! HA! Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane, there's just something fun about good music and good friends. :) If you're looking for a good song to remind you of me (you know you are) try "Amanda" by Waylon Jennings, Painted Orange, or Boston. tee! hee! I'm sure I inspired all 3... ;)

Just for good measure, I also have "Informer" by Snow on my list, but I had no idea how to write any lines from that song... :)

So, guess away and post any that you think you've figured out! We'll see if anyone can get them all! Oh and as you're guessing, just jump to the jam boogie woogie jam slam...


Shannon Kleman said...

So #7 is an Eagles song but I can't think of the name of it. #1 I've heard to but have no clue. The rest I'm not sure about. I can't believe you don't have an IPOD!!

monica said...

#5 - I'm pretty sure it's Alanis Morissette, but I can't for the life of me think of what song it is. It's on the tip of my tongue!! Grr!

Love the top picture! Where were we??