Saturday, October 20, 2007

Malaki is TWO!


Well, today is Ki's 2nd birthday!!! It does not seem possible that he is already 2 years old. My dad took these pictures of the boys when we were in Portage the first week of October. They were not very cooperative, but we got in a few good shots. I have been wanting to post more frequently, but it just hasn't happened lately. One of these days we'll invest in faster internet and maybe then I'll keep up a little better. Life here is good. Not fantastic, not terrible, but good. We're lacking a little drama for the moment, and I am trying to embrace that and enjoy the normalcy. I know times like this are precious, but there is always that side of me that enjoys a bit of drama now and then... :) tee! hee! Since there is so little drama, there is also very litte to write about.

Hunting season has begun, although so far Cody has not been out bow hunting. He has, however, been out getting things ready for gun season. We're seeing deer daily on our property, so we are hoping that's a good sign for hunting.

The boys are Cody's little shadows lately... desperately trying to be just like daddy. They play baseball, basketball, football, or golf almost daily- and want to start the minute dad comes through the door (you may want to take a moment and pray for Cody's sanity!!!).

Ezra started pre-school this fall and is loving it! It is only two afternoons a week, so it's been good for Ki and I as well. Ki usually naps for most of the time Ezra is gone, so he's not feeling to lost without his "best buddy." I'm usually not a huge fan of pre-school (I just don't think there's any need to start school sooner than you have to), but this is an amount that I like. He gets just enough to give him a taste of "school" before kindergarten next year, and not too much that he misses out on being at home this last year.

Ki is as sweet as ever. He is quickly making himself known for clowning around, and he seems to find humor in just about everything. He is obsessed with trains and animals, and has little or no trouble keeping up with his big brother most of the time. He is quickly learning to exert his "maleness" and is climbing, jumping, breaking, throwing, etc. seemingly 24 hours a day! :) He continues to bless our lives in ways we never imagine and we thank God daily for the path that lead us to his adoption!

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Elissa said...

FINALLY!!! I wondered if you lost your computer. The pictures are great and the boys look bigger than 2 months ago! Enjoy your normalcy...drama is far over-rated!!!